10 Hacks a Student in the UK Should Know


Uni is starting soon and the finances are already stressing you out?
Fear not, this post has got you covered!

#1 Inter-city Train

How to travel around the UK by train? National Rail is the way to go.
Get a 16-25 railcard, and you’ll get 1/3 off all your journeys within the UK!
You will also get a discounted tube fare if you link it with your Oyster card. See below #8.

Bear in mind that the cheapest way to do it is really to plan early.

#2 Inter-city Buses 

Think you prefer the bus? National Express will be the more common option.
Get a Young Persons Coachcard, and you’ll get 1/3 off all your journeys within the UK too!
*Including National Express Airport transfers!*
If you are willing to sacrifice just a bit of comfort for a cheaper option, Megabus is the one. I once took a 10-hr Megabus sleeper from London to Glasgow, it really wasn’t that bad- If like me, you can pretty much fall sleep anywhere. 😛

Bear in mind that Megabus is not always cheaper especially if you book it at the very last minute. The same goes for buses, book early to avoid disappointment!

#3 Food

Hah! I am not really going to tell you where to find the cheapest food because the cheapest option is to cook it yourself. 😛 Know your neighbourhood supermarket in and out, go at the right hours and you will find plenty of food at the:
£200/month should be enough for a person to eat pretty lavishly. Check out your neighbourhood butcher too (especially halal ones), they usually sell meat at a pretty decent price!
*Mine has Chicken breast for £4/kg, you have to admit, that, in London is dirt cheap! Soz Aunty alert*

P/s: your answer to fresh seafood in London: Billingsgate Fish Market.

#4 Shopping

Unidays (First timer: click here for a £5 reward) and StudentBeans for student offers.
Don’t forget about Apple Education if you are getting an Apple product.

#5 Apps

I’ve mentioned the student offers apps: Unidays and StudentBeans.
Next you’ve got
Aiwip for free printing,
UBER for a lift,
UberEATS/ Deliveroo/ hungryhouse/ JUST EAT for food delivery,
Drip for cheaper coffee if you get their prepaid coffee plan,
Spyn/ Laundrapp/ ZipJet for dry cleaning or last-minute laundry
And erm… GBK? LOL
Haha at least those are what I have so far 😀

#6 Traveling out of the UK

I have previously compiled them in another post: 6 steps to planning a getawaycheck it out! 🙂
Featuring Skyscanner, AirBnB.

#7 London: Travel hack

Memorise the underground map and your bus number.
I am kidding, who the hell does that? Citymapper (occasionally Google map) is the way to go.
Download the app, NOWWWW.

#8 London: Tube Hack

If you already have a 16-25 railcard, go to any underground station and have it linked to your Oyster, you’ll get 1/3 off your tube/ rail fare at off-peak hours.
When is off peak in Zone 1? Anytime other than 6.30-9.30am, 4-7pm. Weekends too. 

#9 London: Food Hack

When you are not that hungry but you feel like eating something light, tasters. Tasters.
HAHAHA *cheapo alert*
Where: Camden market, Borough market, Brick Lane Sunday Up Market.

#10 LondonHappenin/ LondonPerks

Check out TimeOut London, LondOntheinside.


Think about the money you’ll save, #winninginlife, mate. #ultimateAuntyalert


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