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  • 8 Travel Essentials

    travel essentials

    It’s summer soon! Ohmygoodness how time flies, and soon I’ll be back in Malaysia again! *eggcited* 😛 And yes, it’s the season to travel! Here I’ve compiled a travel essentials checklist that hopefully, will be of help to you guys (and myself too, I ALWAYS forget my universal adapter). 1. Eye mask and Earphones I […]

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  • 6 steps to planning a getaway

    Ryanair plane window view

    “I need a getaway so badly.” “I need a break from life – maybe a gap life.” “T-15…ohmygosh I haven’t bought my tickets yet!” “I need to travel SOON like really SOON.” Okay okay I get it I get it, but how and where do you start? 1. Flights I suppose most of you have heard […]

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  • 7 things to do on exam day

    love walk cafe

    It’s the exam season again! *sorry if you find the exclamation mark inappropriate* Wondering why I am here chilling *wow free until can write blog somemore*, thanks to my institute that’s always trying to be unique, I had my finals before Easter. Trust me it wasn’t any better, I feel your pain bro. *slowly reaching out my […]