Day Trip: Quick Guide to Durdle Door

durdle door

Often find yourself dying to take a day off from London to explore other places, but clueless as you stare at the National Rail website? Type in Wool Rail Station (WOO).

Now you might be wondering, isn’t last minute tickets usually much much more expensive? No, Wool, Dorset is one of those places in which train tickets don’t fluctuate as much/ at all with the Off-peak Same Day Return promo! 🙂 Check the weather forecast and go on a sunny day though, I won’t guarantee a moody day will be as fun! 😛

The tourist attractions are Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, with Lulworth Cove nearer to Wool train station. Both of these attractions belong to the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site, which covers 96 miles of gorgeous coastline! They’re stunning beyond words!!! Well I won’t write about how Durdle Door/ Lulworth Cove is formed because you can Google it. Let me just show you photos of it, well you can technically Google them, but still. 😛


Here’s Man O’ War Beach, right next to Durdle Door:

man o' war beach Man o' war beach man o' war beach


And here’s Durdle Door:

durdle door durdle door durdle door durdle door

Breathtaking isn’t it! ♥
The beaches are mostly pebbly *fine small pebbles!*, with a short stretch of sandy beach as you walk further away from Durdle Door, towards the chalky cliffs. Bring a picnic mat/ blanket scarf with you if you’d like to get a tan!



lulworth cove lulworth cove lulworth cove lulworth cove lulworth cove

Right beside the cove, the village of West Lulworth is a small tourist-oriented village, and this is where you get more food options, souvenirs, and facilities in general. 🙂



1. Chill at the beach. Anytime. Anywhere. 

It’s honestly nicer at Durdle Door. 😛 Bring snacks though, your lunch is 1.5 hours away, haha!

2. Walk from Durdle Door to Lulworth Cove (1-1.5 hrs).

It’s beautiful. It’s actually the climb from the Durdle Door beach to upland *unavoidable* that is a bit tiring on a hot day, not the actual stretch towards the cove – which only takes around 30 minutes. Scroll down for ‘Getting Around‘ guides.

3. Have a good lunch.

When you’re by the sea, no question, have seafood! We went to Lulworth Cove Inn, where we had fresh and delicious seafood at a reasonable price. ♥
They serve pub food and have a good selection of sandwiches as well, in case you are not a fan.

4. Walk up the hill to have a good look at Lulworth Cove. 

5. Have ice cream from Finley’s!!

6. Wander around souvenir shops at the village and get amazed by little things.

7. Take photos!

And compare it with a postcard you see at the souvenir shop, who knows, your photos might be nicer. 😉
Well, not indirectly saying that the photos I took look better than postcards. *coughs* 😛

8. Enjoy and just do random things! *that’s me there*

Like touching seaweeds, throwing pebbles, getting pebbles out of your trainers, taking pictures of a butterfly etc.

lulworth cove innlulworth covedurdle door durdle door



National Rail – South West Trains services from London Waterloo to Wool.
Off-Peak Same Day Return Tickets costs £16 with a 16-25 railcard, just hop on anytime at off-peak hours (which is practically the entire day on a Saturday)! Although the prices don’t really fluctuate, it is advisable to buy at least 2 days before the day of travel. I would also advise arriving early – avoid the crowd surge, and you’ll have much more time to just chill at the beach! We took the 8.05am train from London Waterloo. It takes approximately 2.5 hours, have a good nap on the way! 🙂


Take the taxi -why? Simply because it costs the same as buses, hah!
It is recommended to first take the taxi from Wool- Durdle Door, take a 1-1.5hr walk from Durdle Door to Lulworth Cove and enjoy the stunning views, at the end of the day, take the taxi from Lulworth Cove back to Wool. Reason being the walk from Durdle Door to Lulworth Cove is going down the hill, hence much easier, unless you are opting for an intense cardio. 😛

Wool-Durdle Door: £4/person, £16 for 4 of us. *The fare for 6 people is still £4pp – we overheard.*
Lulworth Cove-Wool: £14 for 4 of us. *Not entirely sure of the calculations.*

Our taxi driver was lovely, call him at 07751 769833 (Karls). Or simply just look outside of Wool train station, you’ll find taxi companies’ business cards on the wall. Or if you are lucky, there might be taxis there ready to take you! If there are less than 4 of you, I am not sure if the fare stays the same. But don’t worry, you can share the cab with someone else, or you can call the taxi driver to enquire, or if you’d rather take the bus:
Buses (103/104- most days) do run from Wool station to Lulworth Cove/ Durdle Door with a fare of £4 per person, but it only has 16 seats. Plan your journey here. 🙂


If you’ve read all of these but struggle to remember anything at all, just buy the ticket to Wool train station.

Don’t know the way? Ask the taxi driver.
Don’t know what to eat? Ask the taxi driver/ just walk around.
Don’t know what to do there? Ask the taxi driver/ just walk around.

Haha! There will be times when you are not prepared to travel overseas/ simply cba to do a lot of planning, but would still like a spontaneous and good beach experience, Durdle Door is the place to go.

Have you been there too? Let me know of your experience at the comments below!  ♥
Jo, x

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  1. Oh my goodness, I stumbled upon your blog via one of your posts regarding Malaysian food and so decided to explore your other posts and I saw this post which immediately got me attracted! I’ve always wanted to visit durledoor but never had the chance to, but seeing your post has inspired me to bump it up on my must visit list. Nanny Mcphee actually filmed there as well x). You have a great blog and will definitely keep up with your updates!!


    1. Jolynn Koh says: Reply

      Hi Sofea, thank you so much for your kind remark! ♥
      Truly truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart 🙂

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