Offbeat London: Mayfield Lavender Field

mayfield lavender farm london

It’s hardly even believable that this purple paradise is in London! Located in the outskirts of South London, the Mayfield Lavender Field  is breathtakingly beautiful. With just £1 entry, you get to immerse yourself in a purple paradise, with bees humming and the occasional wind brushing, this place makes the perfect dreamy getaway without leaving London! 🙂

The soothing lavender fragrance hit even before we got off the bus, I have to admit that I got a little too excited! A splash of purple against the backdrop of blue skies, with a classic London telephone booth prop right at the centre, to say that the view looks like a painting is an understatement.

We spent 2 hours just taking photos and wandering around. Don’t be surprised, the lavender field isn’t actually that huge, haha! Please excuse me, I must say I go a little crazy over photogenic places like this one. 😛


mayfield lavender farm londonmayfield lavender farm london mayfield lavender farm londonmayfield lavender farm london


There’s an on-site outdoor cafe, where you can have a quick lunch, with their lavender flavoured ice cream, lavender cookies and many other lavender food products. I have heard of their lavender ice cream and had imagined it to be purple in colour, pastel and dreamy. *the girl in me can’t handle it!!* Sorry to crush your dreams haha! It is white in colour and tasted like vanilla ice cream with a hint of lavender, which simply means that it’s authentic, without the addition of any weird food colourings. 🙂 Who’d ever say no to ice creams on a sunny day anyway? Definitely not me.

Rehydration is important on a sunny day. 😉 *no they definitely didn’t pay me for advertisement, LOL*
We had one each of their lavender lemonade and lavender slush. I find the lavender scent and taste quite subtle but they are oh so refreshing on a hot summer day!

Next to the cafe is a shop selling all things lavender, even pots of lavender. I bought home some lavender soap and oh my, my bag smells so strongly of lavender at the end of the day!


mayfield lavender farm london mayfield lavender farm london mayfield lavender farm london mayfield lavender farm london

mayfield lavender farm london




End of June till end of August. Don’t miss out on the purple time of the year!


Board the train from London Bridge towards Tattenham Corner. Get off at Purley/ Woodmansterne station. Take the 166 bus and in about half an hour you’ll arrive at Oaks Park, where you’ll get off and immediately find the entrance to the lavender field a few steps ahead.

There is no need to pre-purchase train tickets, the Oyster can be used throughout. Trains depart almost every half an hour from LBG, the entire journey, inclusive of the bus ride, takes around 1-1.5 hours. If you are unsure of the location of bus stops or the bus arrival hours, simply Citymap/ Google map it! Yes it’s still London and Citymapper works fine 🙂

Travel during off-peak hours and you’ll save so much more! If you have a 16-25 railcard linked to your Oyster, you’ll also get 1/3 off your train fare. 🙂
Peak hour: £6.10
Off-peak hour: £3.80
Bus fare will be a standard £1.50.

Visit Mayfield Lavender’s website for more information.

If you are in search to find something different for a day out in London, Mayfield Lavender Field is definitely the place! Have a good summer y’all! ♥
Jo, x

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