About Me

Burano, Italy


Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, currently based in London.
A full time dental undergraduate who gets excited over lots of things and is particularly passionate over FOOD (teeth too).


OMG don’t-
If you know me well enough you’d know that when I talk about food I can barely stay calm *@%&_#!!!
I am so very passionate about it and I wish to share the happiness with you lovely people! ♡
Okay I will stop here or I will get overly eggcited and get a blocked nose, seriously.


Since I am here in London, and the costs of getaways are often fairly reasonable, why not?
(of course right, imagine flying over to European countries from Malaysia, it costs an arm and a leg!)
Besides, I don’t know when I will ever return to London/ Europe after the completion of my degree-
I know it’s too early to say this, but better seize the days when I can! 🙂

Also, depending on destinations and dates, flights can be as cheap as £9.99- more reasonable dates and times £19.99!
Stay tuned for tips on budget travelling 😉


Thanks for reading my blog you guys, I hope it brings you joy  ♡
And yes, I am the #asiansatwork kind of person, if you’d like a visual experience.

Much love, Jo, xo