Dominique Ansel London Review: The Beautifully Layered Mess

dominique ansel london

*Drool warning*
Calm down with your salivary gland stimulation, the following photos are about to mess with your mind!
The creator of the sensational trademarked Cronut® pastry, has finally arrived in London!
(and everyone lost their shit and went with the hype to join the queue, myself included. #noshame)

It was a beautiful Sunday morning.
We arrived pretty early (we really did! just half an hour after they open) at 9.30am for some glorious pastries at Dominique Ansel London. There were probably about 50+ people before me and oh wells, I am not going to lie that I totally did not expect that it was going to take about an hour and 45 minutes before we got served. But we can’t complain really, it was the opening weekend!

Not forgetting to mention the complimentary mini madeleines we got while waiting – Can you imagine yourself getting all hangry and someone offers you some freshly baked little babies with lemony and oven-y scent, slight crisp on the outside and softer than a baby’s butt on the inside, all the hangriness just melts away…

And little did I know that I was going to experience by far the best pastry affair I’ve ever had.


cronut dominique ansel

cronut dominique ansel

Have one bite, let your tongue slowly discover the amazing pastry and the filling in between, hmmm…
Unveiling the layers of a cronut is a pretty fun thing to do, carefully cutting it into half using a butter knife just for this photo is a tad bit stressful though. 😛

They release one flavour each month, check their Instagram for updates!


dominique ansel london

dominique ansel london
Croissant – Dominique Ansel London
dominique ansel london
DKA – Dominique Ansel London

Surprise surprise! My favourite pastry at Dominique Ansel London is actually not the cronut, but the DKA!
Not Diabetic Ketoacidosis, but Dominique’s Kouign Amman. (LOL)
Just when I thought the cronut’s layers totally had me worshipping DA London, this one had me at THE BEST pastry I have ever eaten.

Yes, it is that weird muffin-looking pastry beside the croissant. If I were to describe it, it is something like a caramelised croissant compressed in a muffin tin, flaky and crispy on the outside, tender dough with a bit of sugary but not too sweet goo on the inside. You can guess that it was a complex foodgasmic experience.

It was.

Their croissant, I guess it didn’t need much of a description. ❤


dominique ansel london
Liquid Caramel Peanut Butter Mousse Cake (Gluten Free) – DA London

dominique ansel london

dominique ansel london
Paris-London – Dominique Ansel London

Here comes the cakes!
I have to say that I am not a fan of caramel and everything too sweet (which probably explains why I prefer DKA > Cronut). But I couldn’t resist not ordering the Peanut Butter Mousse Cake simply because I love PB!!! Who doesn’t?
To my surprise, I actually really liked it! The Mousse Cake melts in my mouth pretty much like the Cotton Soft Cheesecake did. The caramelised puff rice layer at the bottom complements it so perfectly I felt like I was literally walking on cloud nine!

I bought Paris-London home for tea because I simply couldn’t resist how cute it looked like, I definitely did not regret getting it. Paris Brest made with Earl Grey mousse, lemon curd and a layer of blackberry ganache.
You tell me!!!!! It is refreshing and flavourful at the same time. This, is my favourite cake from Dominique Ansel London so far.

On my list next: Owl Religieuse, Raw Cream Panna Cotta with Aged Vinegar, Welsh Rarebit Croissant.


Sometimes I look at my surroundings and think, what did I do to deserve this, how blessed am I to be here!
Ahh, how much I adore London!  ♥

Jo, x

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