Summer in London: Brixton Beach Boulevard

brixton beach boulevard

It’s summertime in London and there are just too many fun things to do!
Yes, there may be a lot of tourists around (especially with the Brexit happening and GBP falling). But then again it’s LONDON, there will always be tourists anyway, when did that ever bother us? 😛

Here’s one for you folks that can’t take a spontaneous summer vacation to *insert your dream beach/ party island/ summer destination* at the moment. I understand your pain, it’s alright, London can be as fun! With just £5 (or free!) you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, chill on the beach chair, enjoy some good music, have a pint/ cocktail and some really good food with your friends! And sandy beach – yes, appropriate footwear recommended. Entry is free at certain times, check here for more details.

brixton beach boulevardbrixton beach boulevard

What about the food selection? I know I know, I’m all about the food, every single time.
While there aren’t a lot of options, they’re all pretty good!

1. The Other Side Fried Chicken Bun

As one of KERB traders, The Other Side’s Honey Butter Bun definitely did not disappoint.
The chicken was moist and (so) crunchy, even after 5 minutes of photo-taking! Hah sorry about that, #Asiansatwork, always. 😛

brixton beach boulevard

2. Mac To The Future

New to the street food business, this stall caught us by surprise! Having tried Anna Mae’s (a famous mac ‘n’ cheese trader) at KERB and was a bit disappointed by it, Mac To The Future certainly did it better. The pancetta in its classic mac ‘n’ cheese complements the flavour perfectly, while not compromising any of the cheesy taste. We got their classic mac ‘n’ cheese and cheesy tater tots, they were both amazing. 🙂
P/S: there’s this Italian herb breadcrumb mix that you HAVE TO sprinkle on your mac!

3. Nanny Bill’s

As you can see we only ordered the curly fries, wish we had more stomachs to devour more food! *I wish for that all the time, and more cash too 😛* They are well known for their croquettes and slow cooked meat buns, rest assured that they will not disappoint.

brixton beach boulevard

Lucky Pierre, Miami Bass and La Chatica weren’t there when we went, guess we weren’t that lucky! Hope you’ll get the chance to try them out while you’re there, and let me know about them at the comments below!

4. The Bar

They’ve got FROZEN COCKTAILS. ♥ #nuffsaid
Here’s my frozen pina colada.

brixton beach boulevard brixton beach boulevard


80’s Miami music, pastel-themed, street food, cocktails, you definitely don’t want to miss this pop-up rooftop neon beach town! Go on a sunny day though, I can’t guarantee a wet beach will be as fun. 😛 Private rooms/ venue hires are available as well, hence it might be wise to check beforehand, on whether or not they have a private event going on.

If you don’t fancy the rooftop beach, the nearby Pop Brixton is worth checking out as well!

Pop brixton Pop brixton Pop brixton


Many may argue that Brixton is the dodgiest of London. Is it really that dangerous?
Well it has rough bits, if you’re there looking for trouble you’ll find it. But like any other places in London, be sensible, and you’ll be more than just fine. 🙂 I personally love Brixton, just rarely had the chance to explore it.


What are the other things you can do in London during summer?
1. Go to the parks. British Summer Time Hyde Park starts Monday!
2. Go for street food events! Street Feast, Kerb etc.
3. Go further, Mayfield Lavender Farm? Richmond Park?
4. Go to TimeOut London and check them all out. haha!
5. The entire London, it’s amazing during summer.
6. Follow me @jolybeandiary on Instagram to see what I’m doing. 😛

‘Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.’
-Samuel Johnson

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